With this plugin your SAP system will fulfill the Romanian legal requirements about e-invoicing.

Use your Microsoft Azure infrastructure (TEAMS, OneDrive, SharePoint) as a Document Management System for SAP

SAP-TEAMS integration

Approval processes on the smartphone
TEAMS Chatbot for SAP data query

The new tax regulations are forcing you to check your business partner’s VAT number validity. Issuing invoices to a partner with invalid VAT number will cause you double trouble: paying a penalty and paying the domestic VAT even for foreign sales

A plugin that does not require any hotpackage implementation or purchasing extra components and licenses. The result is a drastic drop in complexity, implementation time and cost. 

Automate your NAV  VAT reporting (2465M / 24A60 sheets) + reduce tax audit risk via data comparison.

Several legal entities using the same print program and print form, still being able to customize it to their individual needs easily? A global repository to have an overview of all your print forms?
Yes, it is possible.

If you need state-of-art encryption SHA-3 for your SAP development, search no more.

Compatible with R/3 ERP and S/4 HANA.

With our ready-to-use solution you can update your SAP exchange rate tables automatically in the background.


With 15+ years of experience in SAP consultancy, we are offering our services in:

SAP project management

A SAP project is a huge investment both in capital and human effort. Nominating a seasoned project manager is a key success factor.

SAP data migration

Our methodology makes sure that all relevant data are considered, and the necessary steps are well tested and documented.

SAP development

Your business is working with a complex application landscape. Achieve the most by integrating them to your SAP!

SAP authority and licensing

Grant the users as much authority as they need for their work, and pay SAP fees only up to the real usage.


SAP GRC is a highly integrated and automated solution for SAP landscapes, providing transparency in the fields of SAP access management and process control, fulfilling all audit requirements.

SAP module support

Should your team be lacking capacity or the necessary expertise in some areas, or if you want to outsource the SAP maintenance and development, we are the fitting partner for you.