SAP data migration

Changing from a legacy system to S/4 HANA, or S/4 HANA public cloud? Or just switching from one content server to another?

Data are complex in structure and need good care to avoid inconsistency, or irreversible loss.

Data model alignment

The source and target systems can have very different data models. Handling these differences is essential

Data filtering

Most of the data in your legacy system may be already irrelevant for your present business. A successful filtering for the relevant data can save tremendous migration effort and capacity in the target system.

Data cleansing

Master data for customers, vendors usually get outdated with time as their HQ address, bank account or contact person changes. Checking and updating the data is essential.

Data matching & conversion

Typically IDs differ between the source and target systems, such as company code ID, cost center ID, material master ID, project ID, etc. Some of the legacy IDs must be stored also in the new system for reference (e.g.: old material number), and some should simply be converted to new values based on a matching table (e.g.: cost center ID).

Data download, upload & documentation

Executing the tested automatic upload & download of the data, including the conversion steps. The tools used for this depend on the individual requirements of the project. The exact documentation of all actions is essential for the business such as for audit purposes.

Data linkage

Several migrated objects, such as attached documents (e.g.: scanned incoming invoices attached to the FI booking document) may need to be stored on a separate DMS server instead of the SAP server. These external files must be linked to the related SAP business document via GoS.

Project management

Choosing the matching migration tool, taking care of all dependencies, scheduling all steps and coordinating business and IT project members can be a complex task. We can offer our 20+ years experience in international roll-out/merger migrations to support you.

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SAP Data Migration

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