VIES EU VAT number validation SAP plugin

The new tax regulations are forcing you to check your business partner‘s VAT number validity. Issuing invoices to a partner with invalid VAT number will cause you double trouble: paying a penalty and paying the domestic VAT even for foreign sales!

What advantages can VAT Number Validation offer?

Out of the box solution

Purchase, install, set up, use

Long term support & updates

We make sure your solution is following all legal and technical changes that may occur. Our multi-lingual support desk is awaiting your call

Background validation capability

Scheduled batch processing for a mass-check. You can overview the problem cases in the cockpit or based on your settings additionally receive an emai notification

Real-time validation capability

With help of user exits an instant check can be executed at several stages of the business process. Based on your setting for each stage this can result in a warning or a blocking of the step

Validation result storage

Each query has a time stamp and a unique ID, together with the result valid/invalid. Saving these as a log gives you the evidence you need in case of a dispute with the authorities

Consultant and user friendly

Easy customizing and self-explanatory cockpit for a better overview

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VIES EU VAT number validation SAP plugin

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