TaxControl Hungary SAP plugin


Automate your NAV reporting + reduce tax audit risk via data comparison

Vendor invoice individual reporting limit lowered to 0 HUF as of 1.July 2020!

Countdown Expired!

Hundreds of 2065M sheets each month

With the lowered reporting limit you must create a separate M sheet for each and every domestic vendor, and list:
- Invoice Number
- Base of tax calculation and VAT value
- Invoice fulfillment date

Full automation

Based on the standard SAP VAT reporting an ALV list is created where you can check the data selection. The result is then exported to an XML file, and automatically imported to the ÁNYK NAV reporting tool.

Further sheets like 20A60 also available

Just like at the NAV ÁNYK, new forms can be defined in the TaxControl Hungary solution, and set up with using only customizing - no programming necessary.

Full control

With the assistance of your finance department the matching of the data between SAP and the NAV reporting will be finalized. The necessary customizing can be done either by your team, or by us - the choice is yours.

Reduce tax audit risk

The 2065M sheet you hand in is supposed to be in perfect syncron with your vendor's reporting for your VAT ID. Should this not be the case, the automatic matching on NAV side will trigger a tax audit for both you and your vendor.

Full overview

All vendor invoices to your VAT ID in the NAV database are downloaded to the Cockpit. A matching function identifies differences with your 2065M sheet, prior to handing it in. This enables coordination and correction so that the tax audit can be avoided.

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TaxControl Hungary (NAV2065M)

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