What is a DMS?

Modern electronic Document Management Systems (DMS) are there for you to replace or enhance your physical paper management. They are an essential part today’s business architecture, as documents must be available for groups of people at different locations.
Just a few examples of data that companies want to store in a digital form:
– correspondences (emails)
– contracts, order confirmations, invoices, e-invoices, shipping papers, T&Cs, certificates (PDFs)
– engineering drawings (CAD files)
– claim photos (pictures)
– lists and reports, internal memos, presentations (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)
– TEAMS call recordings (videos)

Where to store my electronic documents?

There are different options where to save these files:
– on your SAP server
– on an external dedicated DMS server
– on your existing Microsoft (Azure) environment.

Storing data on your SAP server directly is way too expensive. For that reason up to now most companies purchased an external dedicated DMS server to have a cheaper storage. The files stored on this external DMS are linked with your SAP document and can be displayed from SAP directly, or accessed through the DMS system without logging in to SAP. However this complicates you landscape as you need to manage more servers.
SystemFox is offering you a solution as an SAP plugin: the DMS Connector. This enables you to use all functionalities of a Document Management System without the need for additional servers, connecting your SAP with your existing Microsoft Azure (MS TEAMS, SharePoint, MS OneDrive) as storage.

Are there extra features available?

SAP uses the "ArchiveLink" interface to communicate with DMS systems, enabling a very simple storage of files with generated names in a single folder, and connecting them to a SAP document (e.g.: purchase order).
With our plugin additional features become available:
– extracting metadata (content like partner name, dates, etc. in a searchable form)
– using flexible tree structure to organize your files based on your business logic (e.g.: stored per project number, per project phase etc.) 
– option for OCR (text recognition on scanned documents)

Does Systemfox store my documents?

No, your SAP system will be linked to your Microsoft Azure (MS TEAMS, SharePoint, MS OneDrive) directly, we only provide the communication interface and some extras so that SAP can handle Azure as a DMS system. As the storage is your Azure app, you will have full control, like assigning access authorizations to your users.

Is S/4 HANA supported?

Yes, the product is designed for S/4 HANA on-premise / private cloud, but is also backwards compatible for R/3 ECC.

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