SAP Global Form Services

Several legal entities using the same print program and print form, still being able to customize it to their individual needs easily? A global repository to have an overview of all your print forms? Yes, it is possible.

NEW: Full integration available with barcode label printing solution NiceLabel

What advantages can Global Form Services offer?

Everything in one place

A global repository of all forms used in the system: we call it Form Control Cockpit.
It is the central place for defining the organization-specific form settings, using the SAP condition technique.

Dynamic form setup

From the order of textboxes to be printed, through the translation, to the price conditions to be printed or the mail recipient list: the Cockpit is allowing you to adopt the form to different local requirements without having to create a new form per legal entity, or having to put a vast amount of coding in the form.

Keeping track of all translation-relevant texts

Instead of the less convenient SAP SE63 solution, the Cockpit has a user-friendly translation surface reminding you of missing translation objects in any relevant language, including all standard texts.

Testing with productive data possible

The advanced simulation capability lets you test in the development/test system with the productive data. No need to re-create the productive problem-cases in your test environment ever again.

Extending the emailing capabilities

Even if you are willing to use the standard print programs, you have the possibility to enhance the email sending process with condition-dependent recipients, additional file attachments and mail body texts.

Developer and consultant friendly

All parts of the solution are using well-known techniques like SAP Adobe Forms, ABAP-OO and JavaScript for the development part, and the SAP condition technique for the customizing part. This way all your colleagues are instantly familiar with the tool logic.

Full control

You will be in ownership of the print programs, interfaces and forms. Our team is happy to help you with doing adjustments according to your requirements, or simply with workshops if your team is willing to execute the adjustments themselves.

Long term support & updates

A continuously growing selection of predefined forms and templates helps you speeding up the project implementation phase. Our multi-lingual support desk is awaiting your call.

NEW! Full NiceLabel integration

Need more flexibility with your label printing, but want to handle all your print forms and labels in one central tool? With our NiceLabel integration this becomes possible.

NEW! NiceLabel Reseller

Need additional licenses, upgrade or support for your label printing solution? As NiceLabel Reseller partner we can take care of that as well.

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