SHA-3 cryptography plugin for ABAP/SAP

In your SAP/ABAP applications and interfaces you have to use the SHA-3 Secure Hash Algorithm more and more frequently, however the standard SAP cryptographic library does not support it yet. From now you do not need to block your SAP integration/development project due to this missing functionality, you can go ahead using the SystemFox SHA-3 CryptoGraphic plugin.

Supported security key levels

SHA3-224, SHA3-246, SHA3-384, SHA3-512

HANA S4 compatible

You can use it on HANA S4

Easy installation

We are providing the plugin as a simple install package (transport package)

Full ABAP solution

All coding developed in pure ABAP

Backward compatibility

You can use it in the older SAP systems / ABAP versions as well


We are providing documentation and demo use-case implementation


Per System landscape


For OUR Customers

Frequently asked questions

Unfortunately SAP Cryptographic Library does not support SHA-3 algorithm today.

SystemFox is providing the plugin as simple SAP transport package

SAP ERP 6.0 and above, SAP Hana S/4

Sure. No kidding. Our existing and future customers can get it for free.
This is just one of the benefits of hiring us for development, support, migration and more.

The SHA3 encryption is computation-intensive process. Implementing it in pure ABAP means some performance limitations. Please check the demo video on the top of this page, or please contact us for additional performance check.

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SHA-3 HASH plugin for ABAP

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