ArchiveLink is a component of SAP’s Document Management System (DMS) that allows users to link and manage documents stored in external repositories directly from within SAP applications. It enables seamless integration between SAP systems and third-party document management systems or content repositories.

Key features of ArchiveLink include:

  1. Document Linking: ArchiveLink allows users to link documents stored in external repositories to SAP objects such as transactions, master data records, or business documents (e.g., sales orders, purchase orders).
  2. Document Retrieval: Users can retrieve linked documents directly from within SAP transactions or applications, without needing to access the external document repository separately.
  3. Document Storage: ArchiveLink supports the storage of various types of documents, including scanned documents, electronic files, images, and emails, in external content repositories.
  4. Document Versioning: ArchiveLink supports version management for linked documents, allowing users to access previous versions and track changes over time.
  5. Document Search: Users can search for linked documents based on metadata or content attributes, such as document type, date, or keyword.
  6. Document Lifecycle Management: ArchiveLink provides features for managing the lifecycle of linked documents, including retention policies, archiving, and deletion.
  7. Security and Authorization: ArchiveLink ensures secure access to linked documents by enforcing SAP’s authorization concept and integrating with external repository security mechanisms.
  8. Integration: ArchiveLink integrates seamlessly with SAP applications and modules, such as SAP ERP, SAP CRM, and SAP Business Suite, allowing users to access linked documents directly from their familiar SAP interfaces.

Overall, ArchiveLink enhances document management capabilities within SAP systems by providing seamless integration with external content repositories. It improves user productivity, streamlines business processes, and ensures compliance with document management standards and regulations.

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