enhancement point

A SAP Enhancement Point is a predefined hook or insertion point provided by SAP within standard application code that allows developers to add custom code to enhance or modify the functionality of SAP applications without making modifications to the original code. Enhancement Points are typically identified by SAP developers during the development of standard SAP software components and are strategically placed at specific locations within the code where custom logic can be inserted.

Using Enhancement Points, developers can implement additional functionality, validations, or business logic tailored to the specific needs of their organization, without directly modifying the standard SAP code. This approach helps maintain the integrity of the standard SAP software, simplifies future upgrades, and reduces the risk of introducing errors or compatibility issues.

Enhancement Points are typically implemented using tools such as the Enhancement Framework in ABAP (Advanced Business Application Programming) or Business Add-Ins (BAdIs), which provide standardized mechanisms for extending SAP applications in a controlled and flexible manner.

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