HANA readiness

The SAP HANA Readiness Check is a tool provided by SAP to assess the readiness of an existing SAP system for migration to or optimization for SAP HANA. Here’s an overview of how the SAP HANA Readiness Check typically works:

  1. System Analysis: The tool performs an analysis of the existing SAP system, including hardware, software, and configuration settings.
  2. Compatibility Check: It checks the compatibility of the SAP system components, including the database, operating system, and application software, with SAP HANA requirements.
  3. Custom Code Analysis: The Readiness Check analyzes custom ABAP code to identify any potential issues or incompatibilities with SAP HANA.
  4. Data Volume Analysis: It assesses the volume and characteristics of the data stored in the SAP system to determine the potential impact on SAP HANA migration or optimization.
  5. Recommendations: Based on the analysis results, the Readiness Check provides recommendations and guidance on steps to prepare the SAP system for migration to SAP HANA, including hardware upgrades, software updates, custom code adjustments, and data volume management.
  6. Report Generation: The tool generates a comprehensive report summarizing the findings of the readiness assessment and outlining the recommended actions for SAP HANA migration or optimization.

The SAP HANA Readiness Check helps organizations identify potential challenges and risks associated with migrating to or optimizing for SAP HANA and provides guidance on how to address them effectively. It serves as a valuable resource for planning and preparing for a successful SAP HANA implementation.

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